How to book Russian Courses

Just 5 steps away from your Russian language course abroad!

We recommend to book your course not later than four weeks before the starting date, last minute application and services can be provided any time upon availability. Please contact us for more information but note we cannot make any guarantees.

1. On-line application

Fill in the application form on-line according the city you want to study in. Please make sure to include details of any special requirements you have regarding tuition or accommodation so we can arrange the best journey for you. If a visa is required, we will also need a scan copy of your passport (first page).

2. Confirmation

Following receipt of your registration one of our agent will send you a confirmation of your booking. This confirmation includes an invoice for your journey and payment information. You will also receive general information concerning courses, accommodation, transfer and excursions.

3. Payment

We first ask for a confirmation payment of the registration and visa fees. This means that we start the administrative services, course and accommodation arrangements will only be started once the registration fee has been received.
Final payment should be made no later than 15 days prior to the course start or once all services have been confirmed. Failure to make the final payment within the required time can lead to cancellation of the course package.

4. Visa

If a visa is required for your stay, we will provide you with the official visa documents which allow you to apply for a Russian visa at your local consulate. We will need a scan copy of your passport to be able to issue the documents.

5. Information details and contacts

About two weeks before your departure we will send you necessary information about your course, accommodation and transfer details. You should provide us as soon as available your arrival details for the meeting organisation (Flight / train number, arrival airport / station and arrival time).
We will also include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of host families, the university or language school and local team contacts.


We look forward to welcome you for your Russian language experience with Ziegler & Partner.