General info for scholarships:

Many institutions and countries provide scholarships for studying abroad. We do not have a list of such organizations, as there are too many and as they are too diverse. In the US, Russian is among the languages chosen by the National Security Language Initiative in 2006 in order to increase the number of students studying abroad.

Please consult with your local university, your local governments, and other organizations for the availability of scholarships.

  • FINAID Provides exhaustive explanations of how to get a loan or scholarship. Includes a financial-need calculator.
  • FASTWEB Large database of available and searchable scholarships from the US.
  • Institute of International Education
  • Additional sources for aid to US students

Other organisations providing information about scholarships

Many Russian Language Departments and Centers for Russian and East European Studies provide grants and fellowships (see for example at Stanford University Please inquire with your department where you are enrolled. We will be happy to provide you with all documents you need to apply.