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Looking for Kiev guide/escort for SeptemberTom015:08:48 08/22/2008
hello ım straightalber013:22:34 08/18/2008
Guangzhou interpreter-guide sourcing agent service !www.echinasource.com 115:49:45 08/17/2008
long relationship-marriageGazi220:08:55 08/21/2008
looking for russian girl who like to join me in my apertment in el gouna (hurghada)rushdy013:24:08 08/10/2008
Looking for nice muslim russian femalewael El Hafez005:53:46 07/20/2008
Looking for a guide/interpreter to have a week of fun in CrimeaDutchman116:49:05 07/18/2008
looking for sincere and loyal life partnerlenienthoney@yahoo.com021:34:13 06/18/2008
Looking for English speaking, intersting with study Russianklalofudo008:15:17 06/18/2008
do u want to come to Bodrum for holiday?murat107:29:45 06/18/2008
looking for sincere lifepartner (Russian... or any other culture.)sincere_786016:34:24 06/16/2008
interpreterscome2ukraine.com009:07:56 06/01/2008
Experienced interpreter-guide available in Guangzhou ,China Chinatiger005:30:20 05/30/2008
Elegant interpreterGuide in Kiev012:29:02 05/26/2008
Looking for Pen pals Friends from Russia in DubaiLooking for Pen pals Friends from Russia in Dubai1520:57:47 07/10/2008
looking for a russian or ukranian girl for summer vacation in Turkiyezeynel015:00:30 05/04/2008
Paul McCartney Concert - Kiev - 14 June 2008Tony012:56:50 04/28/2008
russian girlasif-qatar004:47:55 04/23/2008
looking for russian girls for friendship.i am a true,handsome indian guy.joy111:35:38 04/21/2008
Looking for a Russian or Ukrainian Girl in QATARAbdulla-Qatar008:36:49 04/20/2008
looking for russian girlasif104:38:58 04/23/2008
Looking for Pen pals Friends in RussiaFrancois413:41:46 06/17/2008
jobs in dubairaza105:12:59 05/24/2008
Looking for beautiful girl..inside and outsideMassimiliano304:53:57 04/11/2008
Looking for an russian girl in UAEsiva402:21:01 07/12/2008
looking for russian girlfriend in lagosjan107:39:41 06/18/2008
Friends Lilliany204:15:52 08/06/2008
looking for RUSSIAN PENPALSQUENTIN GALLUS105:16:07 02/27/2008
looking for a Russian or polish Girl , Pen friendChris105:17:25 02/27/2008
i m looking for a girlfriendokan veziroglu205:18:18 02/27/2008
Interpreter/guide/personal assistantOksana105:19:13 02/27/2008
looking for penpalkoray dumbuk105:20:01 02/27/2008
PenpalsAnita Gunda209:08:02 06/12/2008
looking for a russian girlfriend in lagosJan105:21:54 02/27/2008
Freindshipshami223:03:11 05/05/2008
International women's group in Cologne, GermanyAstrid105:23:11 02/27/2008
I like genuine pen-pal around the world.... i am from indiaSrini313:11:16 06/21/2008
looking for russian penpal and maybe wifeIbrahim205:24:33 02/27/2008
searching russian friendsstheev205:25:14 02/27/2008
Looking for a girlfriend from Russia statesMazin211:56:56 01/13/2008
Looking for penpalsKaterina514:05:48 01/09/2008
GirlHesse KATA114:05:57 01/09/2008
Looking for A real russian girle for a marriage ... Mo Abdalla405:24:16 07/09/2008
London BoyZuben114:07:18 01/09/2008
Looking for russian penpalsIcyFlame306:03:48 04/12/2008
I am looking a english speak girl for long relationship ( marriage )Michael205:27:46 02/27/2008
i am looking for muslim Russian girls For long relationship ( marriage ) yassin305:28:42 02/27/2008
russian language tutorfemale211:59:40 03/21/2008
Looking for Contact to a nice Russian GirlTim204:41:24 03/24/2008
girlfriend to travel and fun!allan114:21:22 01/09/2008
22 years old Russian girl looking for penpalsjust_for_life1419:21:31 08/15/2008
Marriage and dating service in UkraineEslava314:21:02 01/09/2008
i am looking for muslim Russian girlsme2414:26:25 08/21/2008
HiManoj312:11:08 01/25/2008
Russian guy looking for USA penpalsSergey517:22:13 08/04/2008
search for russian girlMoustafa214:20:20 01/09/2008
looking for a girl end of September MoscowDave114:20:13 01/09/2008
langauge exchangeAmorn314:20:05 01/09/2008
NovosibirskFabrice314:19:59 01/09/2008
correspondantes métissesvaly302:24:27 05/09/2008
I am looking for one serious girl friends from russian or ukrainangungor710:55:49 02/22/2008
Looking for friendsRouslan214:19:39 01/09/2008
Beautiful russian girl looking for man in California to marryRussianGirl1321:39:36 06/18/2008
looking partner!Udaya R. Kandel300:15:54 03/24/2008
24old French boyaurelien114:19:10 01/09/2008
Loking for a partner (female)Bedazelled5314:21:11 08/20/2008
Meet and Marry with Russian or Ukranian girlMehmet805:14:33 03/22/2008
friends raj singh 214:18:44 01/09/2008
Looking for long relation with Fsam214:41:04 01/09/2008
Any Russian girl around?Joe214:40:57 01/09/2008
Elite guide in Kiev www.guidekiev.narod.ruIrena314:40:47 01/09/2008
Looking for marriageJAV1219:46:46 08/21/2008
Kiev Dating AgencyVisionEve314:40:32 01/09/2008
looking to meet moscoviteslostlondoner214:40:16 01/09/2008
Spanish boy want west european friendsJOSE314:39:57 01/09/2008
i neeed girl in kiveayman602:22:19 08/23/2008
male seeks sexy girlmichael2006:44:24 08/18/2008
Russian guy looking for a penpal.Vladimir613:11:32 08/15/2008
Looking for talking ..Oleg214:39:23 01/09/2008
wanted friends to helpn r j314:39:14 01/09/2008
Looking for a Russian Penpalveritas314:39:00 01/09/2008
Moscow & St. Petersburg Night LifePeter214:38:52 01/09/2008
je souhaite un(e) correspondant(e) en russiengendahimana jimmy1015:35:36 08/15/2008
Russian looking for penpalsMichael514:38:37 01/09/2008
trying to know ukranian girlsfernando409:51:56 03/11/2008
I'M LOOKING FOR PEN FRIEND GIRLS, SEE YOU....attlass5201:59:09 08/23/2008
moscow girl can be your tour tour guide and translatordaria314:38:12 01/09/2008
need russian or ukrainen personal and russian turist meet me please. in antalya kemeradnan214:38:03 01/09/2008
A guide in Moscow!Nikolay214:37:56 01/09/2008
searching for russian penpalsanita608:11:22 06/02/2008
studing russina Language looking for Girlfriend.. WifeHasse Sweden709:06:09 05/04/2008
searching for penpals and emailfriends (female)anita27807:13:56 08/21/2008
i want to meet a russian girl...........Fabricio4007:43:29 08/16/2008
Looking for talking ...Romuald214:37:19 01/09/2008
I'm from Russia Looking for penfriendsMax6106:28:17 08/07/2008
Looking for English, German speaking penpals.Lina6904:49:18 08/21/2008
Russian boy Look for penpalsIlya1011:49:38 01/31/2008
meeting friendsrobenson214:51:49 01/09/2008
Ukranian girlsIrinka27116:26:26 08/20/2008
viaje a San PetersburgoMikha_st215:06:39 01/09/2008
Interesting siteGeorigy215:06:54 01/09/2008
Russian Etiquette in Nizhny Novgorod Troy315:07:06 01/09/2008
russian penpals HERE!Viola 72509:51:11 08/23/2008
TravelRoger106:45:19 08/08/2007
I'm finding a penfriend from Russian girls. FOREIGN36214:57:11 08/23/2008
meetingstephanie406:44:57 08/08/2007
Would gladly meet and help European/USA students in Moscow!Nikolaj515:37:45 01/09/2008
Study Russian Language and make friends.Ronald Munoko4105:26:58 07/25/2008
Looking for exhibition hostessdiamat311:44:03 03/28/2008
Looking for a Russian GirlCarl99017:13:46 08/23/2008
hi:))))ahmet hasim415:19:13 01/09/2008
Cherche à apprendre langues russe (et autres si possible)Tom815:18:30 01/09/2008

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