looking partner!

Author Subject: looking partner!
Udaya R. Kandel Posted At 03:53:29 08/13/2007
I am Nepalese, 37, residing and doing business in Japan. I export Japanese used cars to Russia. Now I am looking for english speaking partners or friends. I like to learn Russian and communicate about Russian culture and business too.

victoria00200@yahoo.co.uk victoria00200@yahoo.co.uk (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:05:58 08/13/2007

Good day my dear.How are you doing today also with your family i hope fine?seasons greetings.hows life your profile speaks what interest me that why iam writting to you right away because i must not hide my feelings when it comes to something that i prefer to be good and sound to me.i.am now saying lets come together and talk about that word love in truth and honest nommatter our differencie we are one people if we can be sincere/honest among each other.i cannot say that i am miss right neither do i condem myself rather i am among those that believe life of a woman is a journey which can take her anywere else she finds her true love. only God knows who is who . many thanks and still remain bless while i awaits for your love and kind response on my email address here
clara Re: looking partner! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:19:16 01/09/2008


How are you,hope you are doing well,am clara a lovely girl,and i drop at your profile, and i love what i saw there,i beleive we can get aquainted,so if it interests you,pls reach me back here okay for further communications okay.i stop here awaiting your respond.
Ms clara
Please contact me direct to my email address for me to send my picture and further communications

Hassan sas Re: looking partner! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:15:54 03/24/2008

Hi I am looking serious friend for long term relationship , so I would hope you will give good answer tome, As being a friend of me

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