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Author Subject: Looking for friends
Rouslan Posted At 14:07:24 08/22/2007
I'm 35 y/o/ man from Russia looking for friends to learn each others cultures. I study Spanish so if there is a woman or a man who like to study russian just email me obalk@mail.ru
Daniela Re: Looking for friends (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:16:18 09/03/2007

Hello Rouslan!
Hm, I'm very sorry I can't help you with spanish language, but if you are also interested in a friend from Germany...well, here I am :-) My name is Daniela. I'm 30 years old an living in a little village in Germany. I'd like to make a good and nice friend from Russia, because I'm very interested in your country.
If you want to know me better, please drop me a line. I will be very glad to answer to your letters!
Bye, Daniela

clara Re: Looking for friends (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:19:39 01/09/2008


How are you,hope you are doing well,am clara a lovely girl,and i drop at your profile, and i love what i saw there,i beleive we can get aquainted,so if it interests you,pls reach me back here okay for further communications okay.i stop here awaiting your respond.
Ms clara
Please contact me direct to my email address for me to send my picture and further communications

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