Flats for rent in Sevastopol

Author Subject: Flats for rent in Sevastopol
Tatyana Posted At 04:55:27 05/08/2006
We would be happy to offer you a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom flats in the quiet center of Sevastopol with a wonderful view over the main area of city . This accommodation meets western standards, and it is fully equipped with all modern amenities, including washing machine/dryer combo and air-conditioning. Cold and hot water. You can get more information if contact me via e-mail: tatie@mail.zp.ua.

Staying in apartments are an affordable and comfortable alternative to the hotels.
There is a fully-equipped kitchen and household appliances at your disposal. Total privacy, comfort and prices are much cheaper then in hotels.
We can provide you with a wide range of the apartments for daily rent.
We highly recommend you to book the apartment at least one week before. To know how much is the apartment at the period of time you are planning to be here you should send us a requiry with a number of the apartment, your arriving date and duration.

We can also provide you with any travel arrangements, interpreting services, transfer (airport/railway station meeting).
Mike Steele Re: Flats for rent in Sevastopol (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:59:16 06/06/2006

Dear Tatyana
Can you tell me how much it is to rent a flat per day in July and August this year, and what is the daily rate of an interpreter to travel the city with me?
I don't know my exact dates yet, but I will possibly be in Sevastopol for a week, and it is just a one bed flat I am needing.
Many thanks
Mike Steele
Legalazie Happy New Year!!! (Currently 0 replies)
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Disctetaza Disctetaza (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 05:40:50 10/22/2007

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