$15/night accommodation in Moscow

Author Subject: $15/night accommodation in Moscow
Babushka Kamilla Posted At 12:31:23 10/23/2006
True, it is openly substandard but the price is 1/10 of your average Moscow hotel. All the basics like running water are there. The location is at the beginning of Maroseyka, near Metro Kitai Gorod, sapienti sat. Suitable for seasoned backpackers. Or authenticity connoisseurs. For a detailed descr iption see my page on famous Uncle Pasha's site: cheap-moscow.com/maroseyka. htm or write to my son Dimitry to dsharvin at gmail.com


Babushka Kamilla
Pasha, disappointed The offer no longer available (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:16:08 01/20/2008

Regret to say this offer is no longer valid. As a group, babushkas tend to withdraw their hospitality once they realize that receiving paying guests requires effort. Try others from my www.cheap-moscow.com


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