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BULENT Posted At 10:50:14 01/24/2008
I will have a trip to ukraine at march..I need a interpreter on my trip in ukraine..I will try to find market for our products(electrical cables)..It will be a 10-15 days trip around tyhe cities of Ukraine..
before planning my trip please get in touch with me..
Jay Andrews Re: interpreter guide in Ukraine (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:01:22 02/05/2008

Check out my site at

I am an American based website. I post interpreters on the website for free. You may contact any of my interpreters for free. Rates are from 6 to 20 an hour.
We can also provide cell ohone rentals with sim card #
tours of cities in Ukraine, apartment rentals.

I have interpreters over much of Ukraine and the site is growing every year. I have a head Interpreter in the Crimea ( Svetlana) and a Head Interpreter in Kiev ( Pavel) who are always available in Ukraine to help you and to set up reservations with our other interpreters across Ukraine.

You may also contact me personally at
or just go to my site at and look at the Bios and pictures of all our interpreters.

Jay Andrews
Director of Operations-USA

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