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Applications to studing russian in Irkutsk should be submitted as early as possible, in order to organise your stay and if needed for the visa administration.
We accept last minute applications if there are openings.

Upon reception of your application, a member of our staff will contact you and inform you about the price and all further steps.

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Note that an application does not commit you until you have definitely confirmed our offer.
This is an application form, not the final approval that a particular service is to be provided. Once we have confirmed and accepted your application, you may proceed to finally accept our offer and pay the deposit. We will not issue visa invitation letters or finalise any reservation before receiving your confirmation of acceptance and deposit.

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Аппликационнная форма

Для поздних аппликаций (менее, чем за 4 недели до прибытия) предусматривается дополнительный взнос за срочное оформление приглашения. Консульские услуги и взносы не включены в цену приглашение и оплачиваются непосредственно в консульстве. Некоторые консульства требуют оригинал приглашения, отправка оригинала стоит дополнительно 25-65 евро.


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