Cultural activities & excursions in Kiev

At your arrival and during your stay, you will have the opportunity to follow different tours around the city of Kiev to get familiar with its architecture and history. Here is the list of the tours we propose you. The organisation and payment is made on place, price depend of the maount of participant. To learn more about Kiev’s history, you can visit our Kiev’s presentation page.

Excursion 1: Andrew’s Descent

The excursion starts near St. Andrew’s church, then follows the descent to arrive to one of the oldest and most original streets of Kiev. After getting familiar with the legends about Kiev’s witches and Richard the Lion Heart Castle, you are lead to Uzdykhalnytsya Hill where you have a panoramic view of Dnieper river and Podil. The tour finishes at Kontraktova square.

Excursion 2: Ancient Kiev

It starts near the monument of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise. You discover the main temple of ancient Kiev, St. Sophia Cathedral, with the largest collection of 11th-century mosaics and frescoes in the world. At the place where Kiev was founded in the 5th century, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Podil and Castle Hill. The tour ends at Volodymyr Hill near Grand Prince Volodymyr the Baptizer, where you can enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Dnieper river and Left Bank from this place.

Excursion 3: Old history of Podil

The tour starts at Kontraktova square where you get acquainted with such monuments of history and architecture as Gostinniy Court, Kontraktovy House, the National University, the former Bratsky Monastery… You will also visit the churches of Nikola Prytyska, Frolovsky nunnery, Pyrogoshcha and St Elias.

Excursion 4: Along Khreshchatyk Street

The tour starts near the Arch of Friendship, with the panoramic view of Podil and Dnieper river. It procedes to European Square, along Khreshchatyk Street and the National Musical Academy. Then, you visit the Franko Theatre and pass the House of Chimeras. You continue to the monument of Panikovsky, the Kiev City Administration, the monument of Lenin. The tour ends at Besarabska square.

Excursion 5: Strolling Pechersk

The tour starts near a very unusual building, the House of Chimeras. The building is all decorated with fantastic animals, a must-see in Kiev! Then, you move to the Ukrainian Parliament and Mariinsky Palace, and Askold’s grave, one of the oldest places in the city. After passing the monument of Eternal Glory, you finish the tour near Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the sacred place of Orthodox Christianity.

Excursion 6: Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is situated in Pyrogovo, Kiev’s outskirts. There you will feel in a 18th or 19th-century village. The real buildings were brought there from different regions of Ukraine. On a surface of 150 hectares, you can see the different regions of Ukraine. The exhibit shows how Ukrainian people used to live centuries ago.

Excursion 7: Botanical Garden and

The Botanical Garden is beautiful in any season. It is located on Sverynetskaya Hill, a very special place. Two monasteries are located nearby, and one of them, the Vydubetsky Monastery, is one of the oldest of the country. There you will feel the relaxation and forget the rapid tempo of the city.

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