Cultural activities & excursions

A member of our staff will take you for a tour in Moscow or its surroundings in order to show you the city, its secret places, and famous monuments. Tours are in Russian – an excellent way to practice what you learnt during the week! You can also book other excursions right at the student travel office of the MGU, ask our manager. With your Russian student card, you will benefit from substantial reductions on air and train fares, museums in Moscow, and tickets for theater, ballet, circus, and The Bolshoi Theatre – you will actually pay the Russian student price. Don’t miss this opportunity! We also have further travel info on our tips and tricks page.

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Some other examples of excursions around Moscow:

Legends and Secrets of Moscow

Jasnaja Poljana

The Jasnaja Poljana – one of the most dear places of the ground Russian. Here was born, veins and great Russian writer L.N.Tolstoy worked. Excursion includes the review on a to Tula, the Kremlin, visiting of the house-museum of L.N.Tolstov

The Novodevich’e Field

Visit the Novodevichy Monastery founded in 1524 by Grand duke Vasily III. On the grounds of this monastery are buried a number of known Russian scientists, writers, public figures, and military leaders. Many rich people of that time paid huge sums of money to be buried there. In due course, the number of tombs increased and it became necessary to open additional territory. Novodeviche Cemetery became a final resting place of many outstanding figures of Russian history and culture.

Excursions Including Art and Literary Museums of Moscow

  1. State historical cultural museum “ the Moscow Kremlin “
  2. State Tretyakov Gallery
  3. State Pushkin museum of Fine Art
  4. Moscow History Museum
  5. State Museum of A.S.Pushkin – the oldest keeper of a literary heritage of Russia

Memorial estates

  1. Memorial estate “Kolomenskoe” – a country estate of the Moscow tsars
  2. Jasnaya Polyana. L.N. Tolstoy State Museum
  3. Kuskovo – a country residence of the Moscow princes, remarkable monument of Russian art culture of XVIII century

The Moscow fountains

  1. The gushing complex in a garden “Aquarium”
  2. The fountains on mountain Poklonnoj
  3. The fountain Soared at the Big theatre
  4. The Floating fountains at the Marsh area
  5. The fountain “a singing crane”

Monasteries of Moscow

Visiting of the oldest monasteries of Moscow:

  1. Svjato-Danilovskij the man’s monastery build by Daniel Moskovskim in 1282
  2. the Don monastery build in 1591
  3. Pokrovsky monastery build in 1635

World religions of Moscow

Moscow many centuries keeps position of the religious center of the country. During excursion you will get acquainted with representations of various faiths in territory of our city.

Imperial palaces of Moscow

  1. Peter’s I Palace
  2. Paul I
  3. Ekaterinas II in Lefortovo
  4. Alexander I in the Neskuchnyj Sad Park
  5. the Big Kremlin palace

The Gold Ring cities

The gold Ring Russia since already more than 30 years is one of the most popular tourist routes who unites ancient cities of the Central Russia: Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Great, Pereslavl-Zalesskij, Sergiev Posad. All of them, incorporating roads, build a symbolical circle in which each city shines with the rich history and sights, and together make a treasury of Russian culture. The evident encyclopedia old russian architecture. The cities in northeast from Moscow, storing historical and architectural monuments of Ancient Russia and the subsequent centuries.
Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Polenovo, Uglich, Pereslavl Zalessky, Zvenigorod, Vladimir.

Excursions to the nearest cities:

The regional center possessing in powerful industrial potential and the richest cultural heritage. The huge quantity of sights promoted development of tourism and Vladimir’s transformation into the international tourist center. You visit “Golden Gate”, Uspenskij and Dmitrovskij cathedrals; a museum “ Old Vladimir “.
Charming small town in 60 km from Moscow. The bell – a symbol of city, it is represented on its arms. An abundance of woods, hills, sources with crystal spring water, picturesque vicinities. Visiting of a monastery of XIV century, strengthening of prince Jury Zvenigorodskogo where the oldest was kept in Moscow suburbs church Uspenija of the Virgin constructed in 1390.
Pereslavl Zalessky
The younger brother of Moscow
The house of well-known Russian painter Polenov V.D.
Melikhovo is a place where Russian writer Chekhov A.P. worked. There is a Chekhov’s museum here.
One of the oldest cities of Volga, picturesquely stretched on right coast of the river.This city was based in in 937.
In territory the Kremlin it is possible to feel an atmosphere of a medieval princely residence, the unique church building – a monumental cathedral of Christmas of the Virgin, constructed in 1220th years here is kept. Suzdal – a symbol of Russian antiquity. The first mention of Suzdal concerns to 1024. Visiting of the Museum of wooden architecture: temples, houses, windmills, wooden sidewalks…
Visiting of the Rostov Kremlin – residences of the Rostov bishops and metropolitans in which numerous expositions of the Rostov Memorial estate today are placed. Rostov – one of the most well-known centers of a peal. During stay at excursion tourists, as a rule, not time is heard with the Rostov bells. Alongside with museum pieces which subjects is connected, mainly, with church art, temples of the Rostov Kremlin are well-known for the frescos.
It is one of the cities of Gold Ring of Russia. For the first time it is mentioned in annals in 1071 and carries a name of prince Jaroslav Mudryj
Sergiev Posad
The Troice-Sergieva Lavra – a pearl of the Gold Ring, in it the well-known relics – icons, temples, ancient monuments. Here there are some services of the Moscow patriarchy, spiritual academy and seminary, the richest library of the religious literature.
Nikolo – Ugreshsky Monastery
The monastery has been build by the prince Dmitry Donskoy in 1380.

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