Moscow and Russia today

Basil Cathedral at Red Square After the transformation of Perestroika and Glasnost, Russia is now ready to be discovered by visitors and businessmen. The history of Russia is profoundly marked by the destiny of the worlds largest country changing so drastically from communism to a market economy. Moscow, as the Russian capital, plays the key role in this transformation. New shops and restaurants open everywhere in the streets and bring in lively color into the gray of the buildings of social realism. Read more about the history of Russia and Moscow sights under key facts.

Moscow is not only the center of power but also a starting point when traveling throughout the country. Russia hosts some of the world’s finest universities with many thousands of foreign students enrolled in them. Is there any other place to meet past and present culture and the very soul of Russians than in their capital, at one of the most prestigious universities? We are delighted to invite you to the famous Lomonosov Moscow State University to learn russian.

Kremlin in Moscow