Our school in Novosibirsk

The school is situated in the beautiful area of Akademgorodok, the centre of Russian scientific research and development, 25 km from the centre of Novosibirsk – a large, vibrant city that is considered to be the cultural capital of Siberia with a population of 2 million people.
Akademgorodok is situated within dense birch and pine forests on the picturesque Ob Sea. Being a scientific and cultural center with more than 35 research institutes, Akademgorodok combines all the benefits of a large city with its close proximity to nature; a place where the people are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness. As a result of the excellent local education facilities and the rich academic pedigree of this area, the majority of the local population can be classified as belonging to the so-called intelligentsia. Akademgorodok is a city of science, youth and innovation.