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Online russian lessons

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Online Russian lessons

We are glad to offer our new service – online Russian lessons via Skype with experienced teachers and native speakers.

Do you want to study Russian, but you don’t have the opportunity to travel? You are planning to go to Russia and want to learn the basics?
Our online lessons were created for you.

You can learn Russian language at any time and place. The course suits learners of all levels as it starts with the very basics and gradually introduces more difficult material based on what has been worked on so far.

How to start your Online lessons:

1. Fill in the application form


2. Receive an answer from us
3. Accept a video-call from a teacher via Skype and get a consultation (free of charge)
4. Receive an invoice and make payment
5. Send a payment confirmation
4. Start your lessons

We offer individual Russian lessons online. Teacher will lead you throughout your learning and will adapt the course according to your progress and focus on any difficulties you may have.
The program of the course and studying materials are provided electronically.
The schedule is flexible and can be discussed. Minimum number of lessons is 10.

See prices below:

Length of lesson 1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 12 EUR 115 EUR
60 minutes 16 EUR 155 EUR
90 minutes 24 EUR 235 EUR

Please contact us if you have further questions.

With the online course you will:

  • Get the basic knowledge of the Russian language (Introduction)
  • Improve your language skills if you already have studied Russian
  • Overcome the speaking barrier and get skills in conversation with the Russians
  • Write and read in Russian
  • Get prepare for your trip to Russia and learn about the country more

We hope you will enjoy study Russian. Please join our Online Russian lessons!