Cultural activities & excursions

At your arrival in Riga you will have the possibility to follow a free guided tour of the school and the city. You will see coffee bars and restaurants around school to have lunch, will go along the main Riga’s street – Brivibas street, will see some shops, places of interest, nightclubs, public transport stops. The walking tour will finish in Old Riga – historical centre and the most popular place among tourists – with a lot of coffee-bars, restaurants, clubs, souvenir shops, Russian Drama Theatre and Riga’s Dome. You will have a chance not only study Russian, but also practise your Russian achievements in everyday life, enjoy beautiful and welcoming atmoshere of Riga.

Activities in Riga

You may also take a bus excursion. During your trip you will see: the embassy elite district, the centre’s avenue arch, the Riga Palace, the National Opera, the Freedom Monument, the Arts Academy and the Orthodox Cathedral, the Central Market, Art Nouveau monumental buildings and the city’s post-Soviet residential communities.
We suggest you to visit the ancient Hansa trade city’s most historically recognized and hidden locations and see the Great Guild (Liela ģilde) and the Small Guild (Mazā ģilde), the Powder Tower (Pulvertornis), Rāmers and Jirgerna Tower, the Swedish Gate (Zviedru vārti), the Saint Jacob Catholic and the Saint Peter and John churches, the Convent of the Holy Spirit (Sv. Gara konventa seta) and, of course, the narrowest and “quietest” street in Old Town – Rozena Street.

Riga’s cultural life is very dynamic. The Latvian National Opera and Ballet gathers together artists from all around the world. Concert halls regularly offer classical and popular music concerts. Exhibition halls present works by internationally-known classical and contemporary artists.
If you are interested in architecture you are in the right place. A heritage that dates back eight hundred years in terms of its Gothic churches which were built by Riga’s very founders, plus the medieval buildings of the Old Town, exquisite Art Nouveau structures, and many wooden buildings make Riga a true architectural pearl. A walk along the streets of Riga will be an exciting adventure for you.

Activities in Latvia

After intensive week of styding Russian language, the best way to have a wonderful and relaxing weekend is to visit other beautifil cities :


Jurmala is popular resort in Latvia. It is only 15km from Riga International Airport and 25km from the capital of Latvia, Riga.
The resort of Jurmala is well known for its natural resources, its mild climate, the sea, its healthy air, and the curative mud and mineral waters.
You can walk along the beach with a white sand, enjoy your food at one of fascinating cafe or restaurant, visit an art exhibition or local concert.


Also called “Switzerland of Latvia” one of the most popular and most visited places for tourists in Latvia. It is situated only 53 km from Riga, making it an easy day trip. Each season will propose you a different types of activities – balloon riding and bungee jumping in the summer, ski and bobsleigh tracks in winter, charming scenery in autumn.

We also suggest you to visit The Rundale Palace, a marvelous architectural and historical monument, was designed by and built under the supervision of Italian architect Rastrelli, who designed the Winter Palace and some manors in St.Petersburg. The Rundale Palace has 138 premises surrounded by a lovely Baroque park. In the French-style garden, you will see the ornamental parquet, three pools with a fountain, the green theatre and Dutch and Blue Bosquet.

There are a lot of others beautiful cities in Latvia you may like to visit.

We can also help you to organize a trip in Russia too. Moscow is only one night away by train or one hour by plane. The Trans-Siberian rail track brings its passengers to the very Far East until Beijing and Vladivostok. Don’t miss the stop at the wonderful lake Baikal. And for Russian airline tickets and hotels throughout Russia, why not booking online? You will find further travel information on our FAQ tips and tricks page and an active forum for questions.