Cultural activities & excursions

Snowy bridge on the Griboiedov canal At your arrival in St. Petersburg, you will have the possibility to follow a guided tour of the city. The school also offers its students a free theatre ticket per week and a free excursion in St. Petersburg or in its surroundings (as a rule, tours are in Russian). These excursions will allow you to discover the rich history and the architecture of the region. They are lead by a native St. Petersburg guide. Inscriptions must be done locally and the price depends on the amount of participants.

List of excursions:

  • St. Petersburg of Dostoevsky

Walking tour around the city to discover where Dostoevsky’s apartments were, and where the heroes of his famous books “Crime and Punishment”,”The Idiot”and others used to live. Walk 730 steps from Raskolnikov’s to Pawn Broker’s house.

  • St. Petersburg of Pushkin

Walking tour around the most romantic part of the city center. Become acquainted with the life and work of the Russian genius, Alexander Pushkin, creator of “Eugene Onegin”, “Bronse Horseman” and “Queen of Spades”.

  • Secrets of the Romanov Family

Walking / bus tour around the centre of St. Petersburg.
Discover the monuments of the Russian Czars and hear lots of stories about the murders, palace revolutions, love affairs that used to take place in the city.

  • Rasputin in St. Petersburg

Walking / bus tour around the St. Petersburg of Rasputin
Rasputin remains one of the most enigmatic figures of Russian history. Discover the sights associated with his life in St. Petersburg and learn the history of his mysterious life and death.

  • Czars and Revolutionaries

Walking / bus tour around “the glamorous St. Petersburg”.
Learn about the Russian Emperors and famous revolutionaries while walking around Peter and Paul Fortress. Visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the burial place of Russian Czars. The fortress also served as a prison for political foes, revolutionaries and anarchists.

  • October 1917 Revolution

Walking / bus tour around the Cradle of October 1917 sights.
Discover the sights and find out about factual history and basic myths of the Great October Socialist Revolution – battleship Aurora, Smolny, Lenin, Trotsky, takeover of the Winter Palace and others.

  • The Russian State Museum

History of Russian Art from Icon to Avant – Guard.

  • Churches and Monasteries of St.Petersburg.

Walking / bus tour around the churches and monasteries of the city. Visit functioning churches of the city, listen to the church choir, become acquainted with the beauty of Orthodox Liturgy, learn about the deeply rooted Russian Orthodox tradition, its main rites and customs.

  • Full -Day

Tsarskoye Selo, Pavlovsk, Petrodvorets.

There are also different cultural programs. For example, a special course is offered on Fridays on a cultural theme, with a related excursion the next day. Once a month, all students are invited to a one-day trip outside St. Petersburg on the Neva riverside. They will try the “shashlik”, the Caucasian barbecue, and “bania”, the Russian sauna, and discover the true Russian life. Programs are announced in advance, booking and payment is on place.

You will receive a Russian student card on the first day of your courses. With this card, you will enjoy substantial reductions on air and train fares, museums and tickets for theatre, ballet, circus and opera – you will actually pay the Russian student price. Don’t miss this opportunity!

We can help you to organize a trip in the rest of Russia too. Moscow is only one night away by train or one hour by plane. The Trans-Siberian rail track brings its passengers to the very Far East until Beijing and Vladivostok. Don’t miss the stop at the wonderful lake Baikal. And for Russian airline tickets and hotels throughout Russia, why not booking online? You will find further travel information on our FAQ tips and tricks page and an active forum for questions.