Accommodation at Moscow State University

Accommodation at Moscow State Unviersity MGU Guest House

Entry to MGU guest house Marble interieur at MGU The University offers single rooms in the main campus building for foreign students which is a perfect accommodation for your russian language courses in Moscow. For short-term stays, rooms can be booked at the MGU Guest House (in zone E of the main campus building, see a map of the campus). The MGU guest house was built mainly to host foreign visitors and graduate students for stays up to 1 month.

The rooms are simple but convenient with bed, table, lamps, a small closet, and a bookshelf. Each room is adjacent to a separate toilet and shower, which are shared by two people. Single room at MGU guest house View of MGU guest house Two rooms form together a small apartment with a separate entry from the main floor. Each room and each apartment have doors which can be locked with two separate keys guaranteeing high security and privacity. Some rooms have been refurbished and are equipped with television, fridge and phone lines which may also be used for internet connections through a modem. Some rooms also have spectacular views on downtown Moscow, about 16 km (10 miles) away. Inquire early for reservation as these rooms are usually booked out early.

Shower Toilet at MGU campus Moscow To guarantee maximal security, each floor has a reception desk and access to the MGU guest house is only possible with the MGU card (called ‘propusk’). Every floor has its own large kitchen, where a lot of students cook. In addition there is always a TV and chat room available to everyone. Please note that only students studying at Moscow State University can also book accommodation at MGU. Inside the main MGU building, there are laundry facilities, dry cleaners, clothing and shoe repair shops and a number of magazines selling everything from noodles to newspapers. A dozen student cafeterias inside the large university complex offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are open from 9 am to 8 pm and serve both typical Russian dishes but also a variety of ‘French style’ cuisine (one is operated as a self-service cafeteria by a French company !).

Campus main cafeteria Campus shared kitchen Typically, you will need 10-12 dollars per day for meals. An upper class restaurant located in the main building does even serve ikra (black kaviar), champagne and lots of other culinary specialites (at upper class prices though).

A viable alternative is also the hotel Universitetskaya located some 10 min from the main MGU campus.