Asian and African Studies

Institute of Asian and African Studies

Dean: Professor Mickail S. Meyer
International Students Office: phone: +7-095-203-2741, fax: +7-095-203-3647

General Information

Institute of Asian and African Studies was first opened in 1956 and now is the leading among the Oriental Studies institutions in Russia. The Institute teaches more than 40 languages of Asian and African countries (before 1972 the Institute was named Institute of Oriental Languages). Our graduates are constantly required by ministries, President Administration, State Duma. You could meet them among the heads of leading companies and mass media employees.

The staff (more than 250 in number) includes 30 professors and 70 associate professors holding Doctor of Science or PhD degrees. Most of them are recognized as fundamental researchers in the area of Oriental studies and authors of vocabularies, translations from Japanese, Chinese, Sanscrit, Arabic, Persian, and other Oriental and African languages. The Faculty’s scientists are the authors of the text-books on General History of Asian and African countries, on Oriental literatures, on languages, ethnology and geography of regions.


  • Philological
  • Historical
  • Socio-Economical


  • Arab Philology
  • Indian Philology
  • Iranian Philology
  • Chinese Philology
  • Turkish Philology
  • Philology of South-East Asia, Korea and Mongolia
  • Japanese Philology
  • Economics and Economic Geography
  • History of Near and Middle East
  • History of Far East and South-East Asia
  • History of China
  • History of South Asia
  • Africa Studies
  • Politology of East
  • International Economic Relations
  • West European Languages
  • World Music Cultures


  • Experimental Phonetics
  • East Ecology Culture
  • Development Problems
  • Central Asia and Caucasus Development Problems
  • Computer
  • Technical Equipment in Education

Scientific Centres

  • International Centre of Korean Studies
  • Centre of Arabic and Islam Studies
  • Centre of Indological and Buddological Studies
  • Centre of Religion Studies
  • Centre of Vietnam Studies

Bachelour Degree

4 years full time


  • Oriental and African Studies (Historical and Philological Divisions)
  • Region Studies (Socio-Economic Division)


  • History
  • Philology
  • Economics

General Courses

  • Philosophy Foundations
  • Basic Oriental Language
  • Western European Languages
  • General Economic Theory
  • Theory and History of World Religions
  • Higher Mathematics and Informatics
  • Modern Natural Science and Ecology Concepts
  • Russian History

Historical Division

  • History of Asian and African Countries
  • History of Russia
  • Archaeology
  • Ethnography

Socio-Economic Division

  • Higher Mathematics
  • Economic Statistics
  • Financial and Credit Systems
  • Economics and Economic Geography of Asian and African Countries
  • Economics of Russia
  • International Economic Relations
  • Special courses on Economics of the Studies Countries
  • Informatics

Philological Division

  • General Language Studies
  • History of Literatures
  • Theoretical Phonetics
  • Grammar
  • Lexicology
  • Dialectology
  • History of Oriental Languages

Courses on Speciality

Oriental and African Studies

  • Politology Foundations
  • History of Primitive Society and Foundations of Archaeology (Historical Division)
  • Ethnology and Ethnography of a Studied Country (Historical Division)
  • History of Europe and America (Historical Division)
  • World History (Philological Division)
  • History of Asia and Africa
  • Introduction to the History of Oriental Arts
  • History of a Studied Country (Region)
  • History of the Literature of a Studied Country (Region)
  • Social Thought of a Studied Country (Region)
  • Mathematical Methods in Historical Research (Historical Division)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (Philological Division)
  • Introduction to the History of Literature (Philological Division)
  • History of the World Literature (Philological Division)
  • Introduction to the Specialization (Philological Division)
  • Theory of the Basic Oriental Language (Philological Division)
  • Foundations of Folklore Science (Philological Division)
  • History of the Economic Thought
  • Political System of a Studied Country (Region)
  • Logic (Philological Division)
  • Economic Geography of a Studied Country (Region)

Special and Elective Courses

  • Orthoepy of the Koran Reading
  • Grammar Aspects of Translating
  • Syntactical Features of Masdar in Literature Arabic
  • The Koran Studies and Interpretations
  • Bengali Lexicology
  • Evolution of Prem Chand’s Art Method
  • Bharatendu Haris Chandr’s Drama
  • Artistic Work of Jaynendra Koumar
  • Metaphorization of Emotional Vocabulary in Hindi Language
  • Problems of Synonymy on the Material of Hindi Language
  • Introduction to the Language Science of Ancient India
  • Subject-object Relations in the Languages of Southern Asia
  • Spoken Language and Narrative Text on the Material of Urdu – Hindi
  • Persian Instructive Novel
  • Persian Classical Poetics of 9th -16th Centuries
  • Persian Kasyda. Genesis and Evolution
  • Typology of the Main Elements in the Chinese.
  • Chinese Phonetics and Phonology
  • Chinese Functional Grammar
  • Notion Vocabulary of the Chinese Folk Tradition
  • Linguistic History of China: Chinese Script and Culture
  • Genres and Styles in the History of Chinese Literature
  • Chinese Poetry of Late Medieval Period
  • Sources and Evolution of Narrative Prose in China
  • The Dialogue Genre in Ancient and Medieval Chinese Literature
  • History of Turkish Language
  • Comparative Grammar in Turkish Languages
  • Modern Turkish Prose
  • Traditions of Folk Theatre in Modern Turkish Drama
  • Old Scriptural Mongolian Language
  • Poetics of Vietnamese Folk Poetry
  • Word Building in the Korean Language
  • Actual Problems of Vietnamese Phonetics

Regional studies (Oriental and African studies)

  • Common Economic Theory
  • History of Economic Schools
  • Foundations of Social Science
  • Foundations of Political Science
  • Foundations of Jurisprudence
  • Higher Mathematics and Informatics
  • Mathematical Methods in Economy
  • Statistics
  • Economic Theory of Firm
  • Economic Theory of Public Sector
  • Theory of World Economy
  • Economy of Asia and Africa
  • International Economic Relations of Asian and African Countries
  • International Relations of Asian and African Countries
  • Economy of a Studied Country (Region)
  • Geography of a Studied Country (Region)
  • History of a Studied Country (Region)
  • Political System of a Studied Country (Region)
  • Social Structure of a Studied Country (Region)
  • Concept of the Modern Nature Science and Ecology
  • History of Russia
  • History of the Economic Thought

Special and Elective Courses

  • Main Problems of the World Economy
  • Evolution of the Social and Economic Structures in Asia and Africa
  • Influence of the Revolution in Technique and Science on the Social and Economic
  • Processes in the Developing Countries
  • Problems of the Developing Countries’ Typology
  • Role of Public Sector in Asian and African Economy
  • Accumulation and Economic Growth in Asia and Africa
  • International Economic Organizations and Their Activities in Asia and Africa
  • Agrarian Reforms in Asia and Africa
  • Problems of Urbanization in Asia and Africa
  • Labour Resources and Their Use in Asia and Africa
  • Marketing in Highly Developed and Developing Countries
  • Russian Federation in the World Economy
  • Banks and Financial Centres in the Developing Countries
  • Planning and Programming of the Economic Development in Asian and African Countries
  • Islam and its Role in Social, Economic, and Political Life of Asian and African Countries
  • Army and its Role in Developing Countries

Master Degree

2 years full time

Direction: Oriental and African studies


  • History of Asian and African Countries
  • Languages and Literature of Asian and African Countries
  • Politology of the East
  • Economics of Asian and African Countries
  • Culture of Peoples of Asian and African Countries


History of Asian and African Countries

  • New Information Technologies
  • Western European Languages
  • Practical Work with Oriental Language
  • Methodological Problems of Historical Science
  • Modern Theories of Philosophy of History
  • Modern Methods of Historical Researches
  • Muslims of Russia
  • Oriental Archaeography
  • Social and Economic Reforms in the 20th Century Oriental Countries (Comparative Analysis)
  • Historical and Philosophical Views of Ibn Haldun
  • Russian Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf Region
  • Russia and Arab Countries: Problems of Civilization and Cultural Interactions
  • History of the State Institutions of China in 19-20th Centuries
  • Political Problems of the 20th Century China
  • The Processes of Ethnic Genesis and Features of the Development of Ethnic and Confessional Minorities in India
  • Traditional Values in the Social Life of China
  • Religious World of China in the 20th Century
  • The City of Peking and its People
  • Internal Relations of Ancient Southern India
  • Transformation of the Cast Structure in India
  • Evolution of Buddhism in Sri Lanka
  • Ritual Systems of India
  • Role of the Army in Modern Turkey
  • Dissemination of Christianity in Vietnam
  • Bureaucracy of Medieval Vietnam
  • Traditional Culture of Nusantra and Relics of Ancient Java Script
  • Burmese City in the 19th – Early 20th Century
  • Military Art as a Social and Cultural Phenomena in South-Eastern Asia
  • Social and Demographic History of Thailand
  • Political Biographies of Africa
  • Army and Politics in Africa

Languages and Literature of Asia and Africa

  • New Information Technologies
  • Philosophy
  • Western European Languages
  • Practical Work with Oriental Language
  • Theory of Language
  • Theory of Literature
  • Modern Methods of Philological Researches
  • History of Oriental Linguistic Theories (Arab World, India, South-Eastern Asia, China, Japan)
  • Problems of Common and Specific in Linguistics
  • Systemology and Numerology in the Ancient and Medieval East
  • Poetics of Oriental Literatures
  • Classical Poetics of the Middle East
  • Problems of the Theory of Literature in Classical Arab-Muslim Culture
  • Oriental Mythology
  • Oriental Theatre Cultures
  • The Japanese Language and Script
  • Introduction to the Old Japanese Language
  • New Features in Japanese Vocabulary
  • Theory and Practice of Computer Work with Japanese
  • Elements of Bunto and Kambun
  • Literature of Tropical Africa in European Languages
  • Foundations of Bantu Studies
  • Introduction to Foula Studies
  • Textological Analysis of Mentala Folklore

Politology of the East

  • New Information Technologies
  • Western European Languages
  • Practical Work with Oriental Language
  • Philosophy
  • History of Political Schools and Teachings
  • Comparative Sociology of Asian and African Countries
  • Political Culture of the East
  • Regional Conflicts in Asia and Africa
  • Applied Sociology
  • Russia and the East in the 20th Century
  • Muslim Law and Idea of State
  • State and Society in the Arab World
  • Beginnings of Diplomatic Practice
  • International Relations in the Asian-Pacific Region
  • Political Integration in South-Eastern Asia
  • Philosophy of Power in Indo-China (Tkheravada) Political and Cultural Tradition