Faculty of Journalism

Dean: Professor Yassen N. Zassoursky
International Students Office: phone: +7-095-203-8763, fax: +7-095-203-2889

General Information

The Department of Journalism was founded in 1947 as a part of the Faculty of Philology. In 1952 it had separated and became the independent structure. It is located in the historic original university building complex in the downtown of Moscow, near the Kremlin and the Red Square.

Since that time about 15,000 mass media specialists who currently work in various editorial boards, television, radio stations and news agencies in Russia and abroad have graduated from the Faculty of Journalism. This includes more than 500 international graduates from Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Staff: Professors – 21, Associate Professors – 65, Senior lecturers – 39, Teachers and Assistants – 28, Scholars – 21, Researchers – 21, General staff members- 14, Students – 2200, Foreign students among them – 100, Trainees – 12, Doctoral students – 26.


  • Editing, Publishing and Computer Science
  • Economical Journalism and Advertisement
  • Literary Criticism and Publicism
  • History of Russian Journalism and Literature
  • History of Mass Media
  • Mass Media Techniques
  • Radio and TV
  • Stylistics of Russian Language
  • Sociology
  • History of Foreign Journalism and Literature
  • Periodical Press
  • The UNESCO Department of Journalism and Communication


  • Journalistic Studies
  • Foreign Journalism
  • Press, Radio and Television Functioning
  • Mass Media Techniques
  • Polygraphy with an Experimental Publishing House
  • Information and Publishing
  • Photo

International Centres

  • French College of Journalism
  • Free Russian-German Institute of Publicistics
  • Russian -Finish Centre for Research in Journalism, Mass Media and Culture
  • Centre for Media Law and Policy
  • Ecumenical Center of the Apostle St.Paul for Religious Information and Studies


  • Television studio
  • Radio studio
  • Experimental Publishing House
  • Computer Centre
  • Media Centre for Intensive Training


  • Library of Periodicals
  • Photo Library

Bachelour Degree

4 years full time

Direction: Journalism


Basic programme is structured into four cycles

Socio-economic cycle

  • Economics
  • Politology
  • Logic
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Social Psychology
  • Sociology and Methodology of Media Research

Sciences cycle

  • Ecology
  • Computer Applications
  • Economic Geography

Humanitarian cycle

  • Russian History
  • History of Art
  • Religious Studies
  • New and Modern History
  • Theory of Literature
  • History of Russian Literature
  • History of Foreign Literature
  • Contemporary Russian Language
  • Practical Stylistics
  • Literary Editing
  • Foreign Languages

Professional Journalism

  • Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Theory of Journalism
  • Law in Journalism
  • Journalistic Ethics
  • Psychology of Journalism
  • Contemporary Journalistic Techniques
  • Economics and Management of Journalism
  • Journalistic Methodology: Research, Reporting, Interviewing
  • History of Russian Journalism
  • Current Russian Journalism
  • Introduction to the World Journalism
  • History of Foreign Media
  • Contemporary Foreign Mass Media
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Principle of Mass Communication Theory and PR
  • Workshops

Special Courses at the Divisions

Division of Periodical Press

  • Theory and Practice of Periodical Press
  • System of Periodical Press
  • Law and Media Legislation
  • Professional Journalistic Ethics
  • Periodical Press in Information Market conditions
  • Mass Communication in Modern Society
  • Writing Techniques
  • Workshops

Division of Television

  • Theory and Practice of TV Journalism
  • Tendencies of Contemporary Televisions Broadcasting
  • Verbal Communication: Pronunciation Skills and Orthoepy
  • History of Cinema
  • Problematical Documentary
  • Production Culture of TV Journalism
  • Workshops at TV-studio

Division of Radio

  • Theory and Practice of Radio Journalism
  • History of Russian Radio Broadcasting
  • Tendencies of Contemporary Radio Broadcasting
  • Verbal Communication: Pronunciation Skills and Orthoepy
  • Communication by Microphone
  • News Reporting in Radio
  • Workshops

Division of Advertising

  • Principles of Advertising
  • History of Advertising
  • Creative Technology of Advertising
  • Principles of Marketing and Management
  • Philosophy of Advertising
  • Sociology of Advertising
  • Advertising and Public Opinion
  • Mass Culture and Advertising
  • Stylistic and Editing in Advertising
  • Photography in Advertising
  • Workshops

Division of Public Relations (PR)

  • Law and Ethics in Public Relations
  • PR Agency
  • PR Marketing
  • PR Management
  • PR Creative Techniques
  • PR Campaign
  • PR Crisis Management
  • PR Foreign Experience
  • Workshops

Division of Photo Journalism

  • Theory and Practice of Photojournalism
  • Photojournalism and Photo Editing
  • Techniques of Color Photo
  • History of Photojournalism
  • Workshops

Division of Executive Secretaries

  • Theory and Practice of Periodical Press
  • Preparation and Production of Newspapers
  • Management of Editorial Staff
  • Organization of Mass Media
  • Journalist and Computer
  • Workshops

Division of International Journalism

  • Fundamentals of International Law
  • Theory and Practice of Periodical Press
  • Radio and Television
  • Survey of World Journalism
  • Economical and Political Geography of Foreign Countries
  • Organization of Press Services and Contacts with Mass Media
  • Foreign Languages, Workshops

Department of Religious Journalism

  • History of Christianity
  • History of Russian Church
  • Church and Church Organization
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Literature and Christianity
  • Workshops

Master Degree

2 years full time

Direction: Journalism

General Courses

  • History of Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Mass Communication
  • History of Russian Literature
  • History of Russian Journalism
  • Introduction to the World Journalism
  • History of World Journalism
  • Modern Media and Tendencies of World Civilization and Culture
  • Methodology of Journalistic Survey
  • Global Problems of Modern World and Journalism
  • Journalism and Market Economy
  • Economical Basics of Foreign and Russian Mass-Media
  • Modern Theories of Mass Communication
  • Contemporary Foreign Mass Media
  • Contemporary Journalistic Techniques
  • Psychology
  • International Law and Journalism
  • Media Law
  • Pedagogy
  • Russian as Foreign Language
  • Contemporary Russian Language

Special Courses

  • Periodical Press
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Sociology
  • Photo Journalism
  • Workshops

PhD Degree

3 years full time

The themes of doctoral projects lie within research interests of the Faculty Departments.

Mass Media in the Period of Transition to Market Economy

  • Government Information Policy and its Influence on Mass Media
  • Economics and Mass Media in Market Economy
  • Contemporary System of Mass Communication
  • Regionalisation of Mass Media in Information Market Conditions
  • Business Press
  • Russian Journals
  • Russian Agrarian Press
  • Russian Ecological Press
  • Press of Russian Orthodox Church
  • Women’s Press in Russia
  • Children’s Press in Russia
  • Moscow’s Authorities and Mass Media
  • Computer Application in Production of Newspapers and Journals
  • Sociology of Journalism
  • General Theory of Journalism
  • TV Journalism in Conditions of Broadcasting Demonopolisation
  • Mass Communication: New Social and Technical Progress, Programs for Cable TV, Information Policy of Financial Industrial groups

Historical Experience and Principles of Journalism Development

  • History of Russian Mass Media
  • History of Printing Media in Russia
  • Russian Language Media in Foreign Countries
  • History and Theory of Periodical’s Design
  • Moscow Mass Media
  • History and Theory of Knowledge Dissemination

Mass Communication and Culture

  • Typology of Literary Journals
  • Journalism and Verbal Culture
  • Editing

World Journalism

  • Conception of Journalism in the Period of Transition
  • New Information Technologies in Journalism
  • Foreign Mass Media (USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Finland etc.)
  • Public Relations on International Arena
  • Comparative Analysis of Russian and Foreign Mass Media
  • New Technologies of Mass Communication

University of Russia

  • Contemporary Problems of Journalism Education and Training
  • New Technologies and Methods of Training
  • Persistent Journalism Education and Training