Faculty of Sociology

Dean: Professor Vladimir I. Dobrenkov
International Students Office: phone: +7-095-939-5903, fax: +7-095-932-8862

General Information

In 1960 Sociological laboratory was first opened at the Faculty of Philosophy. In 1968 interfaculty Department of Methodology of Concrete Social Studies was created. Later the Division of Applied Sociology was founded on the base of these two subdivisions.

Faculty of Sociology was first in Russia to open in 1989. Nowadays the Faculty comprises 12 departments and 3 research laboratories. More than 700 undergraduate and over 200 graduate students and trainees are studying at the Faculty. The students from 13 foreign countries are among them: China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Azerbaijan and others.


  • History and Theory of Sociology
  • Methodology of Concrete Sociological Studies
  • Social Informatics
  • Sociology of Culture, Formation and Education
  • Politology and Sociology of Political Processes
  • Sociology of International Relations
  • Sociology of Communication Systems
  • Sociology of Family
  • Sociology of Organizations
  • Sociology of Economics
  • State and Municipal Management


  • Social Problems of Modern Society
  • Scientific Analytical Information
  • Sociology of Culture

Bachelour and Master Degrees

5 years full time

Direction: Sociology


General Humanitarian and Socio-Economical Disciplines

  • Philosophy
  • Foreign Language
  • Cultural Sociology
  • History
  • Law
  • Politology
  • Psychology
  • Economy
  • Physical Training
  • Elective courses

Mathematical and Scientific Disciplines

  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Concepts of Modern Natural Studies

General Dicsiplines on Speciality

  • History of Sociology
  • General Sociology
  • Methods and Technology of Sociological Studies
  • Sociology of Politics
  • Demography
  • Social Statistics
  • Social Anthropology
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Social Modeling and Programming
  • Elective courses

Master Degree

2 years full time


  • History of Foreign and Domestic Sociology
  • Methodology of Modern Social Cognition
  • Modern Sociological Theories
  • Modern Methods and Technologies in Social Problems of Society Studies
  • Sociology of Organizations
  • Sociology of Management
  • Sociology of Labour and Enterprise
  • Ethnosociology
  • Sociology of Communications
  • Sociology of Family and Demography
  • Sociology of Policy and International Relations
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Social Anthropology
  • Sociology of Personality
  • Sociology of Management
  • Sociology of Social Changes

General Courses

Humanitarian and Socio-Economical Disciplines

  • Philosophical Problems in Humanities, Natural and Technical Sciences
  • Methodology of Scientific Creation
  • Socio-Economical Problems in Development of Modern Russia Society

Mathematical and Scientific Disciplines

  • Computer Technologies in Science and Society

General Special Courses

  • Methodology of Social Cognition
  • Modern Sociological Theories and Schools

Disciplines on Speciality

  • Social Diagnostics and Social Measurement
  • Social Stratification
  • System Analysis and Mathematical Modeling
  • Problems of Regional, National and Global Security
  • Sociology of Risks and Conflicts
  • Ecology of Natural Ambience and Person
  • Innovation Methods in Sociological Studies

Elective Courses

  • Sociology of Formation
  • Methodology of Sociology Teaching

Additional Subjects

  • Foreign language

PhD Degree

3 years full time


  • Theory, Methodology and History of Sociology
  • Sociology of Labour and Economic Sociology
  • Social Structure, Social Institutes and Processes
  • Political Sociology
  • Sociology of Spiritual Lives
  • Sociology of Management
  • Theory and History of Political Science