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It is nearly a week since my return home, to Cyprus, after my stay in Odessa. This is to express my satisfaction for the quality of the course sessions (my teacher was very good)and also for the way we were being taken care of at the Centre.
Marina and her staff were very friendly and helpful, at all times. Lastly, my thanks to you for coordinating my booking etc.
Wish you (all) a nice weekend and will recommend your school for sure!!

Constantinos, Cyprus

I write you back just to give you a feed back about my Russian language study trip to Irkutsk.
I have been really welcomed great by the family and the institute staff very well. I can say I have been welcomed as a ‘son’ by the family. Natalia came to the airport the first day and she came back with me to the airport last day, even if the flight was scheduled at 6:30 on the morning. She provided me all things I needed and she was very kindy with me. I will never forget these days.
I have improved my russian during these two weeks, mostly because the teacher was very attentive and I didn’t speak spanish, english or french during these days. The method used by Iraida was a good one and she was very patient with me. She explained all things I have requested and we have worked a lot during the two weeks. These two weeks have passed very quickly.

J. G. Zorita, Spain

Thank you so much for all your help. By the way, I really enjoyed my experience at the Russian language school in Odessa, and I hope to return there one day.
Take good care

David H, New York City

The five weeks that I spent in Odessa already belong to history. I have the impression that these five weeks passed by in lightning speed.
I enjoyed the lessons and the stay in the beautiful town of Odessa very much. My knowledge of the Russian language is improving step by step.
I’m already able now to make easy conversations in Russian language, not yet on a high level of course.
I’d like to thank you for the perfect service that I appreciate very much!
Of course I hope that I will be able to attend my next Russian language in Odessa as soon as possible .

Kind regards,

Gino M. Cavagna, Jestetten Germany

Just writing to let you know how much I loved my Russian course in Odessa! The classes with Natalia were excellent. The host family accommodation were very friendly, with delicious home cooking; having my own bathroom was very good. The flat was so central, it was lovely to walk the beautiful wide streets to the school and to the museums, churches and fabulous opera house. Thank you for your help, I hope to come back again to Odessa.

Harriet, UK

Although I have been home for 36 hours, I am still in thought in Moscow, because it was All simply wonderful!!! Thank you again, so much, for your work: more people should know about it and take advantage of it. I am writing to him to recommend he goes through you to take these Russian lessons at Moscow University.
It was the greatest privilege to go there, and to have the many individual lessons from excellent teachers. My teacher, Elena, was introduced to me there and took the three of us over to the main building, that magnificent, awesome building where I felt supremely lucky to be spending two weeks. Over the weekend, Marina informed me that Elena was ill, and I would be taught by another good teacher, Tamara. Tamara was as delightful and I learned a lot with her too. Both Elena and Tamara were complimentary about my ability to concentrate for long periods at a time and complimented me on other aspects, for example my pronunciation. It is of course impossible to learn Russian without a teacher, and I am really delighted that your agency gave me the possibility of spending two weeks to learn Russian at Moscow State University. The family accommodation in Moscow arrangement was also excellent. I walked to the university, and had time to get a cup of coffee before lessons started. I really hope to do this again next year!

Diana Miserez, Riaz Switzerland

Our 18 y.o. son Nicholas, was very happy with his Russian classes in Sant Petersburg at the school and with his host family. He has many nice stories to share with us. He’s already looking forward to going back and would like to visit the rest of Russia and even in winter. Thank you for all your organization which we’ll happily recommend to all our friends. Warm regards,

Helen Gleize, Switzerland

I’m back home and cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was with my whole experience of studying in Odessa. Where do I start? The city was a delight and a surprise; I had no idea how beautiful and easy-going it was. The school was great: well organised, a good course conducive to learning, a friendly group of people, and an outstanding teacher, Ludmilla. In fact, I want to go straight back and continue my studies, something I will hopefully do in the near future. And last, but not least, my wonderful hostess, Luba, who was a charming and caring lady and a wonderful cook. I miss them all! Thank you so much for organising this unforgettable trip. I really cannot wait to go back!

Myrto Gelati, London UK

I highly recommend this site to those who seek travel, accommodations, and study programs in Russia tailored to their individual requirements. Moscow is the most wonderful city in the world! My visit was accomplished with minimal fuss and adequate flexibility despite changing visa and travel requirements. I still look forward to travelling the TransSiberian Railroad to China!

Nancy Rafalko, Pittsburgh (US)

I just want to thank you for all your good work. We are safely back in Norway, and everything worked according to plan. I would like to especially mention the guide Tomas in Ulan Bator, who was exellent in how he did his job: Fluent in english, knowledgeable and a very nice person and he did all he could to make the most out of our stay. The nomad family we visited was actually his grandmother!. The guide in Irkutsk was also very nice and good and we enjoyd the stay in Bolshie Koti very much. We even had Siberian sauna and a swim in Lake Baikal. Again thank you very much, and it will be a pleasure to recommend you to others.

Eivind Berg, Norway

Tuition at the University was excellent, my tutor was very patient and helpful and I improved a lot over 3 weeks. Everything was well organised and the manager was always contactable by phone to help with any questions or issues. I would recommend Zeigler & Partner to everyone!

James Smithdale, England

The experience was wonderful. The arrangements convenient. Farid made it that much more enjoyable with his attention to the needs of a foreign student. I can’t thank you enough. Others who enrolled without the assistance of your company were at a great disadvantage. Once again, my heartfelt thanks for making the trek seemless.

Patrice Noe-Johnson, Canada

I’m writing this unsolicited letter to say how much I enjoyed studying in your program this summer, and especially to sing the praises of Olga, the intermediate Russian conversation teacher who I have been studying with this month. Olga possesses an outstanding combination of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy that makes the very difficult task of learning the Russian language actually pleasurable. .. Her enthusiasm and commitment to teaching were evident in her willingness to give us every minute of the class time for which we had paid; for instance, she led a field trip to the Tretakofskaya Gallery one weekend to make up for the class time we missed because of the national holiday. Olga is an outstanding language professor and a great asset to your program. I hope you will make every effort to keep her on your staff, so that I will have the opportunity to study with her next summer again.

Prof. Richard Zinober, Minnesota State University Moorhead

I was there only two weeks which I found to be too short to learn a whole lot, especially for someone who was also trying to see Moscow. The people who I interacted with the most — my tutor Marina and Tatyana in the language office — They were both great and everyone associated with the school was helpful and competent. I just didn’t get to know the others all that well I would be happy to serve as a reference for your program!

Prof. Don Wilson, Arizona (US)

I thought the teachers were excellent – I ended up with even two because the first one got the flu. Even now, as I converse or read Russian, I hear the reminders, the grammatical tips, etc. Thanks again for hospitality!

Ms. D. Bailey (US)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all and above all, my Russian teacher Tatiana Ivanova. Without her I wouldn’t have passed the exam. I neglected my Russian for nearly 10 years and she has been of great support and help. I appreciated her patience and initiative within the class. I have learnt a great deal in two weeks thanks to her. Classes were never boring and time flew by as it were only few minutes. She had the talent to make every class unique and extremely interesting. Should I had had the opportunity to stay longer, I am sure even my final score would have been higher. I am very grateful for the amount of information I have learnt and I cherish those moments.

Ms. Simonetta Palazzi (Italy)

Dear Dr.Ziegler, Almost by accident I have known your homepage address while I have been browsing through internet links. The result of my stay at your language Center was excellent. I have little to say about the way you have arranged the course for me. Perhaps, I can only say that I have not yet fully digested the substances of the course you have provided. Only my regret was that I had to shorten the course due to my research activities at Moscow. By the way, you are free to use my name as one of referees for future language course students who would like to hear about the courses. Sometime in future, I wish I could take your language courses again. Please send my warm regards to Prof. Akishin (language teacher). Sincerely yours

Prof. S.M. (Japan)

During the 12 weeks I spent in Moscow, I accomplished alot and I feel I was very successful in my studies there. Thanks to the program, I am fairly proficient in basic Russian and continue to study on my own. I’d love to return if I had the money. The family I stayed with were absolutely wonderful and I remain in contact with them and my teacher that I had there. hello to Farid from me too, thanks! I also thank you for all of your patience and help in answering my questions and the speedy preparations that were undertaken for me to get to Moscow. The only thing I would have liked is for the driver to have helped me with my luggage to the customs area. (I had no money for a luggage cart). All said, this was by far one of the best experiences of my life and I look foward to returning in the future. bolshoe spacibo za fso!

Ms Michelle Jewell, California