Moscow State University Campus Map

Campus area and map of Moscow State University

Campus map of Moscow State University


  1. Main building of MGU
  2. Department of physics
  3. Department of chemistry
  4. Main entry to MGU
  5. Learning facilities
  6. Old so known CafeMax internet center
  7. medical center
  8. Sport facilites
  9. Botanical garden
  10. Musical theater
  11. Monument of M. Lomonosov

The MGU guest hostel is located in the main building (zone E, 6/7th floor). There is a entrance right from ‘uliza Lebedeva’. Buses stop in front the main entrance, however.

Not far from MGU (3 bus stops, on Lomonossovski prospekt) is the Hotel Universitetskaya, that offers accommodation in comfort and simple rooms at attractive prices.

Description of MGU with real photos
Official homepage of MGU

Directions to reach Lomonosov University (by car or by bus)

From the airport: take a taxi outside the airport (only with official signs) and indicate that you would like to go to ‘Moscow State University, MGU’. Prices for a single ride from the airport is anywhere between 50 and 80 USD depending on the day of the week and the type of car (Sundays and late hours are more expensive). The ride should last about 40 min, however, during rush hour, it could take you as much as 2 hours to get to the university. There are also the buses connecting airports to the metro (if you travel from Sheremetievo airport, the station is Retshnoi Vokzal if you leave from airport Domodedovo you will arrive to the station Domodedovskaya). From there you can take the metro (red line) to the station ‘Universitet’. Across the street called ‘Lomonosovsky Prospekt’ is a bus stop, and buses Nr 1, 113 (3 stops) and Nr. 119 and 661 (2 stops) will take you directly to the entrance of the main building. Traveling from Sheremetevo airport to the MGU with public transportation will take you about 1.5 hours and is quite inconvenient, especially if you have lots of luggage. From the newer Domodedovo Airport, the transfer is longer (2.5 hours) and is not more convenient by public transportation either.

We recommend you to book a transfer from the airport to MGU when you arrive. Our representative and driver will await you at the airport right after you passed the customs and drive you to the unversity or your host family. Especially if you arrive late or on Sundays, you will have difficulties to get into the MGU campus alone.

Buildings on the Moscow State University Campus area and descriptions:

Map of Moscow State University area

1. University Main Building:

  • University administration (Sector “А”, 9 floor)
  • Faculty of geography (Sector “А”, 17-21 floors)
  • Faculty of geology (Sector “А”, 3-8 floors)
  • Faculty of mechanics and mathematics (Sector “А”, 12-16 floors)
  • Cultural center (Sector “А”, 2 floor)
  • Dining-rooms
  • Lyapunov French-Russian centre for applied mathematics and IT technology (Sector “Е”, 1 floor)
  • Management of the hostel (Sector “B”, 1 floor)
  • Massmedia centre of MSU (Sector “А”, 10 floor)
  • MSU technology transfer centre (Sector “B”, 2 floor)
  • Museum of earth science (Sector “А”, 28 floor)
  • Research and educational center of computer modeling and safe technologies (Sector “B”, 2 floor)
  • Russian-German institute of science and culture (Sector “B”, 2 floor)

2. Building of the faculty of physics:

  • Bogoliubov institute for theoretical problems of microphysics
  • Faculty of physics
  • Scobeltsyn nuclear physics institute

3. Building of the faculty of chemistry:

  • Faculty of chemistry

4. Research computing centre
5. Scobeltsyn nuclear physics institute
7. Institute of information security issues MSU institute of mechanics
12. Biology and soil building:

  • Centre for inservice training for specialists in environmental studies
  • Faculty of biology
  • Faculty of soil science
  • Institute of environmental soil science
  • International research centre for biochemical technology.

15. Printing office
18. Shternberg astronomical institute
21. Institute for information security issues MSU institute of mechanics
27. Meteorological station
29. MSU science park
33. Building of the faculty of sociology:

  • Faculty of sociology
  • Faculty of military training

36. Sport Arena
37. Sport building:

  • Department of physical education

40. Laboratory building A:

  • Belozersky research institute of physico-chemical biology

44. Dining-room №8
46. Building of the faculty of economics:

  • Faculty of economics

51. First humanities building:

  • Faculty of global processes (11 floor)
  • Faculty of law (6 floor)
  • Faculty of philology (9 floor)
  • Faculty of physical chemistry (4 floor)
  • Faculty of world politics (5 floor)
  • Graduate school of innovative business (faculty) (5 floor)
  • Interfaculty department of mathematical modelling and computer science (4 floor)
  • Institute of world cultures (8 floor)
  • MSU confucius institute (5 floor)
  • School of contemporary social sciences (faculty) (4 floor)
  • School of state audit (faculty) (4 floor)
  • School of television (faculty) (6 floor)
  • School of translation and interpretation (11 floor)

52. Second humanities building:

  • Centre for intensive language instruction (3 floor)
  • Centre for social sciences (4 floor)
  • Faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics (6-7 floors)
  • Faculty of educational studies(2 floor)
  • Faculty of further education (8 floor)
  • Preparatory department (1 floor)
  • School of business administration (faculty)

53. Polyclinic №202, pharmacy
56. Dining-room №10
59. Dining-room №14
61.Graduate school of public administration:

  • Moscow school of economics

62.Building of nonlinear optics

  • International laser centre

70. Football stadium
73. Laboratory building B:

  • Faculty of bioengineering and bioinformatics
  • Faculty of materials science
  • Graduate school of management and innovation (faculty)
  • Dining-room

74. Archives of MSU
78. Baseball stadium
LP27. MSU main library building (27, Lomonosovsky prospect):

  • History museum of MSU
  • Science library

LP27-4. First humanities building on new territory (27, Lomonosovsky prospect, Bld.4):

  • Faculty of history
  • Faculty of philosophy
  • Faculty of political science
  • Faculty of public administration

МC. MSU medical center
31-1. Faculty of foreign languages and area studies (31, Lomonosovsky prospect, Bld.1)
31-5. Faculty of fundamental medicine (31, Lomonosovsky prospect, Bld.5)