Russian Courses programs in Riga

The professors have a long experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language with additional qualifications in culture studies, business, science, law etc. They use a method based on immersion, speaking only Russian during the classes. We are happy to offer you a large choice of russian language classes, individual or group tuition. Our Russian lessons lasts 45 minutes each (academics hour).

Individual Russian courses in Riga

If you need maximum progress in the shortest time, we suggest you to take an individual courses. This is the most intensive and effective form of language learning what will allow you to concentrate on your linguistic needs and your level. The program of the russian course will be developed for you. The course can cover general, academic, business Russian, exam preparation, specialized areas of vocabulary etc. You can take any number of lessons you need to or we offer different program options for individual Russian course intensity. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes and you have a break after two lessons of 10 minutes.

  • Leisure 15 lessons per week
  • Standart 20 lessons per week
  • Intensive 30 lessons per week
  • Crash 40 lessons per week

Group Russian courses in Riga

We propose you a various range of group lessons, including different amount of lessons per week. Courses begin every Monday. On your first day you will have a Russian knowledge test in order to join the appropriate group. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes and you have a coffee break after two lessons of 10 minutes.
The maximum group size is 8 students (in summer up to 10), average 5 students per class.

For those who already achived certain level of Russian language you can start your classes at any convenient time.

Group for beginners formed in the following dates:

  • 2015: December 7
  • 2016: January 4, February 1, 29, March 29, April 25, May 23, June 6, 20, July 4, 18, August 1, 15, 29, September 12, October 10, November 7, December 5.

You have the choice between:

Standart Russian 20

The course covers all aspects of the language and aims to develop students’ communicative efficiency in the shortest possible time. During this course students will acquire all 4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and the use of grammar.

Intensive Russian 25

The intensive course is designed for the motivated students who wish to maximize their progress and achived their goal in styding Russian in a short period of time. In addition to Standard Russian with 20 lessons per week, students will have additional 5 lessons per week on two afternoons and will master situational language, discussions, role play and social language in order to develop and improve all the skills necessary for confident communication. Lessons taught on afternoons are offered at three different levels: A1, A1+/A2 and B1/B2.

Standard 20 + Mini group 5 to 10

Mini Group course is an excellent combination of Standard course with 5 or 10 extra lessons per week in a Mini Group class. Mini Group class – in a class of maximum 5 students you will benefit from more individual attention from your teacher. Mini group course will help to improve your knowledge in Russian language quickly in the shortest time.

Intensive 25 + Mini group 5

If you want to maximaze your language results we created the combination of Intensive Russian with 5 extra lessons per week in a Mini group class.
In addition to Intensive course with 25 lessons per week students will have 5 extra lessons per week in a mini-group on two afternoons and will master situational language, discussions, role play and social language in order to develop and improve all the skills necessary for confident communication.

Special russian courses programs in Riga – Language plus modules.

We offer you special russian programs – Language plus modules. You may choose from Business Russian module, Russian Music, Russian Literature, TRKI Exam preparation. These modules can be taken year-round starting on set dates. They can only be booked in addition to any Group or Individual course and consist of 5 lessons held in the afternoons, usually twice a week.

Business Russian module

Business Russian module was created for professionals who need to expand their vocabulary, especially in marketing and sales, and to improve their ability to build and establish successful relationships with Russian business partners.
The course focuses on: customer and bank service, joint companies, stock exchange, insurances, marketing, sales, finance etc. Besides the use of Russian grammar, listening, writing and reading tasks, students will develop confidence in communicating by learning language through realistic business situations.

Russian Music module

This module is for students who are interested in music and want to expand their vocabulary by listening to famous Russian songs of the XX century, starting from folk songs and ballads up to rock and pop music.

Russian Literature module

This module will introduce you classical and modern Russian literature. Reading and discussing Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pelevin and many other renowned and popular writers will help you to understand mysterious Russian soul and offer a better insight into the Russian literary world.

TRKI or TORFL Exam preparation

If you want to continue your education at Russian University or you have a plans to work in Russia, you need to pass a TRKI exam. This course will develop overall Russian language knowledge and skills by reaching the necessary language level at the same time preparing for TRKI or TORFL exam.
You will have an individual course of 5 to 10 lessons per week in addition to any of group courses.

Exams and international certification TORFL

During the first lesson, you will pass a test in order to determine your level of knowledge. A second test is offered during the last lesson, allowing you to measure your progress. At the end of the course, each student receives a certificate with the kind of course he followed and his level of Russian.

You can also prepare and pass one of the levels of the TORFL. This test is equivalent to the TOEFL test of English speakers and highly recommended for students who wish to apply for jobs in Russia or academic institutions. Non-native Russian speakers with basic knowledge at the beginning of a language course should be able to achieve level 2 (advanced) after five months and level 3 (proficiency) after a year of intensive study.

Duration of your stay for an ideal russian course in Riga

We have learnt from our numerous experiences that the minimal time you will need to get acquainted with the new environment is two weeks. However, if time allows, we strongly recommend you to stay for at least four weeks. The longer you stay, the more progress you will make, obviously. Beginners will need six to twelve weeks in order to develop the language skills necessary to communicate in an everyday situation, and to be able to read and understand texts.
Keep it in mind that the Russian langage is a complicated and difficult language to learn for foreigners and you will need to work hard on your progress. We require that you are familiar with the Russian alphabet prior to departure. This will facilitate your immersion into the Russian culture, and is, in fact, an easy task. Study material is available in any bookshop (check out our own online bookshop).

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For last minute application (less than 4 weeks before arrival) an additional fee may occur for express visa invitation letter demand. Russian Consulate fee are not included (refer to your local consulate for consular details and fee). Some Consulates require the original invitation letters for long-term stays (e.g., UK, US, Austria, Switzerland), additional express mail costs apply (25-65 EUR)


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