Russian Language Programs

Examples of Russian Language Courses Programs

The number of weeks and of hours per week you want to study is up to you as well as your program, which you will design with your teacher on the first day of the course. You will find below a description of some possible Russian language courses programs. It can help you when you will draft the program with your teacher. But you choose yourself what subjects, questions of grammar and texts you want to study. The more you will progress, the more your program can be personal. Do not hesitate to give your wishes in the application form!
These russian courses exemple programs can be taken in any of our schools :


With this course, you should be able to communicate with Russians in simple everyday life situations. You will know the bases of grammar and should master the alphabet. You will be able to read and write short texts. Your vocabulary should be of about 400 words.

Your level in different subjects should be the following:

  • Grammar:
    • nouns (gender and number)
    • adjectives (gender and number)
    • some cases (nominative, accusative, prepositional)
    • conjugation of simple verbs at the present tense
  • Comprehension: understand simple questions and monologues.
  • Speaking: ask correctly simple questions, introduce yourself and your family, present your country, etc.
  • Reading: read texts aloud correctly, understand them and explain some words.
  • Writing: write short texts about yourself, your family, your country, etc. in small and capital letters.


If you already know some Russian, in particular if you already can read and write and if you know the grammar basis, this course will allow you to make considerable progress. You will enrich your passive and active vocabulary, which should be of about 1000 words at the end of the course. You will also improve your oral and written expression and comprehension. Above all, you should have studied all main grammar rules.

you will study the following subjects:

  • Grammar:
    • gender, number and declension of nouns, adjectives and pronouns
    • most cases (cases are studied in the following row: nominative, accusative, prepositional, genitive, dative, instrumental)
    • using of cases, with or without preposition
    • conjugation of verbs at present, past and future tenses
    • introduction to the aspects of the verb
    • introduction to the verbs of motion
    • direct and indirect speech
    • active and passive constructions
    • impersonal constructions
    • adverbs (meaning and use)
  • Vocabulary: study of thematic subjects like “my family”, “a day at work”, “eating and drinking”, “shopping”, “ways of transportation”, “at the theater”, “in holiday”, etc. with texts, dialogues and exercises.


This course is designed for students who already know main grammar rules and master a good vocabulary. They will enrich their active and passive vocabulary and refine their knowledge in grammar. They also can begin to study Russian literature through short stories and poems.

In particular, subjects can be:

  • Grammar:
    • verbs of motion
    • aspects of the verb
    • present and past participles
    • gerund
    • complex sentences
  • Comprehension: Russian movies, texts read by the teacher, Russian contemporary songs.
  • Speaking: conversation with the teacher; learning of poems by heart in order to improve pronunciation and stressing (Pushkin, Essenine, Tsvetaieva, etc.) ; summaries of movies and texts (short stories, newspaper articles, etc.).
  • Reading: newspapers, texts about Russian artists and historical great figures, Russian literature (short stories by Tchekhov, Gorki, etc.).
  • Writing: essays on different subjects submitted by the teacher (“the political system of my country “, “my favorite writer”, “a historical great figure of my country”, “my last holidays “, etc.).
  • Vocabulary: Russian idioms and proverbs.

BUSINESS RUSSIAN, 4 weeks, 20 hours/week

This course is designed for persons who want to work in Russia, sell goods, build up a company or find Russian partners. You will learn specific business vocabulary and get ready for any possible professional situation by means of dialogues. A medium level is necessary to apply for this course (good basic grammar knowledge + about 600 words vocabulary).

You can choose subjects among the following :

  • Contracts:
    • price and payment
    • goods delivery
    • goods packaging
    • guaranty; goods control and reception
    • transport and insurance
    • litigation
  • Russian business letters
  • Going through customs, declaring goods and state tariffs
  • Business transactions
  • Requests and offers
  • Joint ventures
  • Selling goods through agents
  • Anti-monopoly legislation
  • Taxes in Russia

For larger groups of 4-10 people, we can also provide group business courses together with MIIT.

Please don’t hesiate to contact us if you are interested to find business partners, apartments, collaborators, or need legal advice. A group of professionals with 15+ of experience in Russian in the field of consulting and legal services can help you in all situations.