Travel along The Silk Road from Istanbul to Hongkong

July - September, 2000

Updated reports and pictures from our journey along the Silk Road

Isfahan mosque  Mausoleum in Qom Guilin river city view of Hongkong

Shanghai pedestrian area

bicycles in China

Start in Istanbul
Ankara, Cappadokia and Anatolia
In the name of God: from Tabriz to Isfahan
Isfahan: paradise of mosques, palaces, gardens and carpets
From Shiraz, city of poets and roses, to Persepolis and Yazd
Zoroaster in Yazd
From Yazd to Kashan - survival in the desert
From Kashan to Teheran
Iranian police, weddings and border posts
Turkmenistan - the country of Turkmenbashi
Adventures in Uzbekistan, Bukhara and Samarkand
Kyrgyz nomadic life on the shore of Song Kol lake
Lake Issyk-Kul
Corruption in Kazakhstan
From Urumqi to Xian
China - a country of contrasts

Goereme Turkey

Kalyan minaret in Buchara

Kyrgiz Nomads on horses

Blue mosque in Istanbul Monoment in Ashabat, Turkmenistan Medressa in Buchara></a>
<a href=Registan in Samarkand

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