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Trans-Siberian Railway Tickets for Groups and Individuals

Basilius Cathedral in Moscow Transsiberian train For individual travellers, we are specialized in custom-made journeys where you can buy trans-siberian train tickets, hotels, guides and the program according to your interest, and our local guides are available for your trans-siberian city tour in:
St.Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan-Ude, Vladivostok, Ulan-Bator, Mongolia tours and Datong or Beijing, China tours.
Mongolian horsemen Mongolian monk in Ulan Bator Take this unique opportunity to visit Russia, Mongolia and China with the Trans-Siberian railroad. Join-us in summer or winter for an unforgettable guided group tour from Moscow to Beijing.
We propose also individual trans-siberian travel examples and escorted group tour from 8 days up to 3 weeks. These packages include all trans-siberian needed service as well as train tickets and hotels.
Siberian wooden church Siberian traditional clothing Examples of Transsiberian tours include a winter journey from Moscow to Lake Baikal in 12 days or the classical Moscow-Beijing in 2 weeks. Don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form or by email.

Guided trans-siberian join a group tours:

Summer classic Moscow-Beijing excorted travel 18 days

Individual trans-siberian packages:

Moscow – Irkutsk – Ulan-bator – Beijing trans-siberian trip 16 days
Winter trips Moscow to Siberia lake Baikal 12 days

Individual trans-siberian CITY packages:

Moscow, St.Petersburg Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude, Vladivostok, Ulan-Bator, Beijing.

Organise your trans-siberian trip:

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Join our Russian language courses before your start your Transiberian travel adventure!

Individual train tickets along the Moscow – Beijing trans-siberian route

Trans-siberian Train Here is a resume of popular tickets and price for non stop travel. If you just want to buy tickets, visit our on-line train ticket booking page. If you want to make a journey Moscow-Ulan Bator-Beijing, you need to buy the tickets Moscow-Ulan Bator, Ulan Bator-Beijing separately. If you buy the ticket Moscow-Beijing, there is no stop possible in between. We also sell tickets Westbound (i.e. from Beijing to Moscow) at identical prices as Eastbound tickets. Please check also the VISA requirements.

Train ticket prices in EUR trains
Moscow – Ekaterinburg N 2, 10, 26 334 488
Moscow – Irkutsk N 2, 10 408 597
Moscow – Vladivostok N 2 765 1192
Moscow – Ulan-Bator N 4, 6 420 638
Moscow – Beijing N 4, 20 644 940
Irkutsk – Ulan-Bator N 6, 264 150 220
Irkutsk – Beijing N 4, 20 280 390
Ulan-Bator – Beijing N 24 207 308

2 cl. = one bed in 4-berth compartments / 1st cl. = one bed in 2-berth compartments. Prices for train tickets are more expensive in peak travel months (May-Oct, up to 30% higher), contact us for a concrete offer.

Comfort on Russian trains and Trans-siberian trains

Trans-siberian first class cabin Trains in Russia, Mongolia and China are very comfortable and have usually 3 classes (1st, 2nd class and 3rd class):

1st class Spalny Vagon : 2-berth compartments, 9 compartments per coach. Both beds are at the lower level. Wash-rooms and toilets are at the end of the corridor and are usually very clean. Train N4 and N24 have special luxury wooden compartments with a shower attached to the compartments. All compartments are lockable.

Trans-siberian train Corridor 2nd class Kupe : 4-berth compartments, 9 compartments per coach. Wash-rooms and toilets are at the end of the corridor and are usually very clean. All compartments are lockable.

3rd class platskartny : Third Class consist of an open-plan dormitory car with 54 bunks per coach, arranged in bays of 4 on one side of the aisle and bays of 2 along the coach wall. Wash-rooms and toilets are at the end of the corridor and are usually very clean.

Toilet second class trans-siberian trains We recommend you to book 1st or 2nd class if your train trip takes more than one night. Whichever class of travel you choose, each coach is looked after by a pair of attendants called a provodnik (male) or provodnitsa (female). The provodnik will check your ticket at the door to the sleeper when you board, no ticket, no entry. Shortly after departure, the provodnik will come to take your ticket and the small bedding fee. Bedding (two sheets, pillowcase and towel) is then handed out in sealed packs – blankets and mattresses will already be stacked in your compartment. The provodnik will also take care of the cleaning of the wagon and serve you as a guest. Samovar of hot water in the trans-siberian train
A samovar with unlimited free hot water is available at the end of the corridor – pack some tea or coffee, sugar, soups or water-based drinking chocolate and bring your own mug. Most long distance trains have a restaurant car serving drinks, snacks, and inexpensive full meals – less than EUR 20 for two courses and a couple of bottles of beer.

Trans-siberian train timetables

Trans-siberian train from Irkutsk to Ulan-bator On our Trans-siberian timetable you will find most Russian train and international train available on the trans-siberian route. For example: train number 4 leaves on Tuesdays from Moscow at 21.35 and arrives in Beijing on the following Monday at 14.04, after 7622 km of travel. The train schedule with all stops. Please note that in Russia railway timetables are indicated in Moscow time and that the railway station clocks run also on Moscow time. This can be quite confusing as the Trans-Siberian Railway runs through 7 time-zones.

>> Westbound Trans-siberian trains timetable
<< Westbound Trans-siberian trains timetable

A number of convenient train connections between Moscow and St.Petersburg are available, you can find them on our special train between. You can buy these tickets here or directly at the train station (read our Forum post about how to buy a train ticket in Moscow).

Local time zones on the trans-siberian Forbiden city in Beijing

The local time zones along the Trans-Siberian railway are ahead of Moscow time (MT = GMT+2) as follows:

  • Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk MT+2 hours
  • Novosibirsk, Omsk MT+3 hours
  • Irkutsk, Ulan Bator, Beijing* MT+5 hours
  • Khabarovsk, Vladivostok MT+7 hours

Flight connections within Russia

You can conveniently combine your train journey with a flight, e.g., Moscow-Irkutsk by train, return to Moscow by flight. Or continue your journey to Japan with a flight or Ferry trip from Vladivostok to Japan. Check also our pages with more flight connections from Moscow airports and our airfaires link page. We can also organize flights originating from Europe (e.g., Zurich-Moscow), or the US, contact us for an offer.

Train package Moscow – Beijing non-stop

This package offer a non-stop trip from Moscow to Beijing (one-way) with one hotel night in Moscow, airport transfer on arrival and train ticket. Available all year long, prices may change depending on the departure day and availability.

Class 1st class 2nd class
Train Nr 4 via Trans-Mongolien 960€ 690€
Train Nr 20 via Trans-Mandchourie 1030€ 730€

Kremlin in Moscow The package includes, based on 2 persons:

  • Transfer from the airport/train station to the hotel in Moscow and back to the station
  • 1 night at Hotel Zolotoi Kolos (standard dbl rooms incl. breakfast)
  • Train ticket Moscow – Beijing in chosen class (duration of journey: 6 nights/7 days)

Trans-siberian city tour in MOSCOW

You can find other custom made excursions and visits of Moscow to extend your individual Trans-siberian travel on our dedicated Moscow city tour page.

Excursions (Price per person) 1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX
Moscow city tour without Kremlin territory (3 hrs) 173€ 96€ 70€ 60€ 50€
Kremlin territory+cathedrals 110€ 66€ 60€ 55€ 50€
Kremlin territory with Armory Chamber 140€ 96€ 85€ 80€ 75€
Kremlin territory with Diamonds funds 140€ 96€ 85€ 80€ 75€
Tretyakov gallery 193€ 107€ 97€ 75€ 60€
Pushkin Art Museum 193€ 107€ 97€ 75€ 60€
Kolomenskoe 193€ 107€ 97€ 75€ 60€
Novodevichy Convent (territory&cathedral) 145€ 86€ 70€ 65€ 60€
Segiev Posad (ex-Zagorsk) 180€ 110€ 90€ 75€ 85€

Guard change at the Kremlin Moscow Additional Services:

  • Transport from and to airport/train station by private car: EUR 50-140 depending how many persons, arrival time and airport.
  • Tickets to opera, ballet or circus: depending on a performance, circus – from 20 EUR, opera/ballet from 80 EUR per person.
  • Moscow city guide or interpret translator without excursion: EUR 60 (half-day), EUR 100 (full day)

Excursion to Zagorsk - Sergiev Posad Here is a recommendation list for hotel in Moscow. Other Options can be found with cheap prices on our hotel in Russia reservation page: Hotel Universitetskaya (EUR 65-100) Hotel Zolotoi Kolos (EUR 90-160) Hotel Akademicheskaya (EUR 190-240) Hotel Kebur Palace (EUR 270-320) Hotel Arbat (EUR 170-200) our
Apartment in Moscow (EUR 80-200).

Trans-siberian city tour SAINT-PETERSBURG

Here is a list of excursions we propose in St. Petersburg city, if you need more details our dedicated City tour Saint Petersburg section will help you.

Excursions (Price per person) 1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX
Saint Petersburg city tour by car (3hrs) 130€ 67€ 55€ 50€ 45€
Saint Petersburg city tour walking (3hrs) 75€ 45€ 38€ 35€ 30€
Сity Tour, Peter and Paul’s Fortress (3,5hrs) 180€ 115€ 95€ 87€ 80€
Сity Tour, Peter and Paul’s Fortress, St.Isaac’s Cathedral (4hrs) 180€ 115€ 95€ 87€ 80€
Rivers and Canals boat tour with transfers 90€ 60€ 45€ 30€ 30€
Russian Museum by car (4hrs) 145€ 90€ 70€ 65€ 60€
Hermitage Museum on foot (4hrs) 165€ 95€ 80€ 75€ 65€
Peterhof – Park and Summer Palace (5hrs) 200€ 120€ 100€ 90€ 85€
Pushkin – Tsarskoe Selo Catherin’s palace and park (5hrs) 170€ 100€ 85€ 70€ 68€
Pushkin & Pavlovsk palace and park (6hrs) 190€ 115€ 95€ 85€ 78€

Additional Services:

  • Transport from and to airport/train station by private car: EUR 70-130 depending how many persons, arrival time and airport.
  • Tickets to opera, ballet or comedy: depending on a performance opera/ballet from 75 EUR per person.
  • Saint-Petersburg city guide or interpret translator without excursion: EUR 60 (half-day), EUR 100 (full day)

Trans-siberian city tour IRKUTSK

Here is a list of city tours in Irkutsk for your Siberian train stop: Church of St.Savior Irkutsk

Hotels in Irkutsk

Hotels per night single double
Hotel Angara 140€ 170€
Hotel Irkutsk 150€ 180€
Hotel Victoria 150€ 180€
Hotel Delta 150€ 180€
Hotel Mariott on request on request
Home stay (city centre) 50€ 70€

Excursions to LAKE BAIKAL

Check out our lake baikal packages, you may want to add it to a trans-siberian railway trip as a city tour. We propose winter and summer excursions.

Summer lake Baikal packages: Lake Baikal Olkhon island

Winter lake Baikal packages: Excursion on the frozen Baikal Lake in winter

For further information please contact us. Summer Journeys are possible from April till November and Winter Journeys are recommended from December to April, the best season is March/April. Combination with Moscow tours or St.Petersburg tours or additional to our Trans-siberian individual trips are possible. We will be happy to make an individual offer.

Trans-siberian city tour ULAN-UDE

The ethnic and cultural diversity of Ulan Ude and Buryatia makes this region a unique place where wonderful discoveries await every visitor that stop here on a trans-mongolian railway trip.

Hotels Price in EUR / Person 2 nights
Hotel Geser 3 stars EUR 320

Package price includes (based on 2 Persons): Ulan-Ude Ivolginsky Datsan monastery

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • City tour and visit of Ivolginsky temple
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel in dbl incl. breakfast

Here is a list of all excursions we offer in Ulan-ude:

Trans-siberian city tour YEKATERINBURG

Package price includes (based on 2 Persons): Ekaterinburg city centre tour

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • City tour Romanovs in Yekaterinburg by car
  • trip to Ganina Yama, secret grave of Nikolaj the II and his family
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel in dbl incl. breakfast

Package price per person 2 PAX
Hotel Iset 3 stars 360€
Hotel Oktyabrskaya 3+ stars 320€
Hotel Ural 4 stars 420€

Here is a list of all excursions we offer in Yekaterinburg:

Trans-siberian city tour OMSK

Omsk city tour the statue of Stephan the plumber This excursion will introduce you to the history of Omsk and the actual everyday life of the city. You will visit the Pushkin Library in Omsk, the Neoclassical cathedral of Saint Nicholas consecrated in 1840 the cathedral was commissioned by the Cossacks and designed by Vasily Stasov, walk on the Lyubinsky Prospekt, also known as Lenin Street or Moscow Merchant Row, visit the memorial of Eternal Flame a tribute to fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War (WWII) from 1941 to 1945.

Hotels and tour Price per Person 2 nights
Hotel Mayak 280€
Homestay 250€

Package price includes (min. 2 persons):

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure (from airport or train station)
  • Walking city tour of Omsk with local guide (English speaking, 4h)
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel in double room incl. breakfast

Trans-siberian city tour NOVOSIBIRSK

Hotels and tour Price per Person 2 nights
Hotel Sibir 3 stars EUR 290
Hotel Universitetskaya 2 stars EUR 200
Homestay EUR 260

Package price includes ( Minimum 2 Persons): Trans-siberian railway museum open-air at Akademogorodok scientific city Novosibirsk

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • Walking city tour of Novosibirsk
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel in dbl + Breakfast

Here a list of the excursions in Novosibirsk we propose:

Trans-siberian city tour KRASNOIARSK

Hotels and tour price per Person 2 nights
Hotel 3 stars 240€
Hotel Krasnoyarsk 2+ stars 180€
Homestay 200€

Package price includes (min. 2 Persons): Krasnoiarsk pont sur le Ienisseï

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel dble + breakfast
  • Walking city tour of Krasnoyarsk

Additional tours in Krasnoyarsk for trans-siberian travel:

Trans-siberian city tour VLADIVOSTOK

Hotel and tour 2 nights
Hotel Primorye 3 stars 310€
Hotel Versailles 4 stars 370€

Package price includes (min. 2 Persons): Vladivostok Submarin c-56 museum

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel in dbl incl. breakfast
  • Guided tour in Vladivostok and visit of Submarine Museum

Here a list of the excursions in Vladivostok we propose: Train station Vladivostok

Trans-siberian city tour ULAN-BATOR and MONGOLIA

Hotels and package price 2 pax
Hotel Bayangol 4 stars 300€
Hotel Undruul 3 stars 260€
Hotel Terelj* 300€
Ger camp* 300€

Ulan-bator package includes: Mongolia Dinosaur bones museum

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel (double room, shower/bath, incl. breakfast)
  • Guided city tour: Natural History Museum (dinosaurs), Gandan Monastery, Bogd Khaan Palace
  • Mongolian Folklore Show at Theater Palace in Ulan Bator

Nomads family in Ulan-Bator *Stay in yourt hotel or ger camp includes also the transportation (some 100 km from Ulan Bator) and full board during the stay. At the ger camp, horses are available for day-trips. No horse-riding experience is required, and a guide will always be with you. See impressions from Ulan Bator and Mongolian country-side on our gallery.

Please be aware that during the Naadam Festival (July 5-15) all prices are higher than normal and that many hotels are booked out.

Excursions in Ulan-Bator and Mongolia we propose: Nomads milking horses in Mongolia

Trans-siberian city tour BEIJING and CHINA

Hotel price in EUR, dbl room, per pax 2 nights 3 nights*
Hotel Red Wall – 3 stars 190€ 300€
Hotel Tiantan – 4 stars 220€ 320€
Hotel Grand Garden View – 4 stars 290€ 400€
Hotel International – 5 stars 350€ 420€

Package price includes (min. 2 persons): Beijing Chinese opera show

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure (from/to airport or train station)
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel in double room incl. breakfast
  • Walking city tour, Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. (English speaking guide).
  • *Second day tour: Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Peking Duck Dinner, Peking Opera or Acrobatic Show or Kongfu Show.

For larger groups we can arrange special programs at discounted rates. Excursions to the main sites of Beijing can be arranged for groups upon request.
We are also inviting you to continue your journey from Beijing to other cities and regions of China or Indochina. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions.

Excursions in Beijing we propose:

Booking procedure for transsiberian travel

If you are ready for a Trans-Siberian railway adventure, please use the request offer form bellow and send us your ideas with description of your intended travel plans, the number of persons travelling with you and the exact time when you would like to travel. The minimum number of travellers required for a journey is usually 2 persons, you can also join our group travels program. We will then send our offer to you.

Once you are decided to travel with us and you agree with our general travel conditions, you will have to pay a confirmation amount in advance in order to guarantee seats and reservations. Payments can be made by wire transfer or checks to our account, check-out our payment options. Train tickets with destinations within Russia can only be issued 30 days in advance. Reservations on such tickets can be made before, but physically, the tickets can only be issued 30 days in advance. For international travel (e.g. tickets from Moscow to Beijing), the period is 45 days. This is why we cannot send tickets more than 30 (resp. 45) days in advance. We can make reservations though at any time before. You will receive the tickets from our office in Moscow or our representative in Ulan Bator (for tickets from Ulan Batar) or our representative in Beijing (for tickets Beijing Westbound).

Request offer form

The following booking charges apply for single services (not if you book a package tour):
Booking fee: EUR 40 per order, for small orders below EUR 1000, the booking fee is EUR 90 per order.
Mail delivery of travel documents: EUR 50 + possible express delivery fees
The booking and reservation fee is waived for our language course students

Visa for Travelling in Russia, Mongolia and China

Visa to Russia:
We can provide you with a Russian visa for maximum 12 months. Just let us know your preferred dates and places you would like to visit by email. If you would just like to just get a Russian visa without booking any travel, please use our online visa application form. If you wish to re-enter Russia from Mongolia, you will need a double-entry visa for Russia.

Visa to Mongolia:
Travellers who stop in Mongolia need a Mongolian visa which is easy to get.

Visa to China:
To obtain the Chinese visa just pass at your local consulate with your confirmation of bookings.

Prepare your trans-siberian travel

We recommend that you prepare for your travel as Russia, Mongolia and China are not ordinary places to go. Learn a few words of Russian and Cyrillic alphabet before you start your adventure, that will always help to make a few friends and get to know the culture and people better. We would be happy to welcome you also to one of our Russian language courses in Moscow at Moscow State University or elsewhere in Russia as for example our :

Or if you simply want to learn the few minimum words, check our Russian phrase for travelling page.

As an affiliate of, we can also offer you books and travel guides in our on-line bookstore. A must for all Trans-Siberian travellers is the Trans-Siberian Handbook and the new Transsiberian Railway Edition from Lonely Planet. We can also recommend the electronic dictionary (Russian-English-Russian) from Ectaco.

And finally, make sure you visit our tips and tricks page for some useful travel information about Russia and your stay in Moscow.

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